The following rates are for admission only. They do not include food, drinks or use of the party room.

Between 12-49 Swimmers                      $16.00 per person
Between 50-99 Swimmers                      $13.50 per person
100 or more Swimmers                         $10.00 per person
Observers                                             $10.00 per person

All group rates and party packages require an advance reservation.
Please contact Group Sales at 815-496-3292.


A 20% deposit is required for groups of 50 or more and private parties. For information on private parties contact the group sales manager. Deposits are refundable until 21 days before the event. Cancellation requests must be submitted via email, fax, or mail. No refunds will be given after original transaction.

Buses should park at the designated area located at the back of the park. Money should be collected by the group leader before arrival. Groups should get in line outside the park so they can be checked for height requirements and counted. The group leader will come to the Treasure Chest to pay. Park employees will put wristbands on each group member. Wristbands will not be given to patrons.

The Water Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on park property. Outside food and/or drinks are not permitted. The Water Park is a non-smoking facility. Tubes are provided on a first come basis. Everyone must wear proper swimwear. Athletic shorts and underwear are not acceptable swimwear.

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